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The use of electronic anti-theft system of goods classification

Soft tag system:

Soft-tag system by the detector (composed of transmitter and receiver) decoder and the soft label form. When used as long as the soft label affixed on goods, goods can reach the purpose of protection. When someone attempts to steal the goods with the label, the product tested channel, the detector will detect the signal label goods, an alarm sound (and bright lights), a timely reminder of security personnel, so as to achieve security purposes. Normal time of purchase, a salesperson in the checkout, it will use the product on the anti-theft tag decoder decoding, the customer can be "safe" by the soft labels one-time use.

Hard Tag System:

Hard tag system by the detector, lock device, and various types of hard tag form. Deduction will be hard-label use in the goods (hand can not be removed), customer payments, the salesperson removed the hard tag with a lock device, or when the goods with a hard tag by detecting the channel, the detector will alarm. Hard tag system for all types of clothing, shoes and hats shop, hard tags can be used repeatedly.