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The type of commodity electronic anti-theft system, can be divided into radio systems, electromagnetic systems, microwave systems, sub-frequency systems, intelligent systems and acousto-magnetic system.

If the method of its application to distinguish between the detection signal can be divided into radio systems, electromagnetic waves, microwave systems, sub-frequency system, intelligent system, and acousto-magnetic system.
Magnetic sound system
Only in the same tuning fork oscillation frequency resonance circumstances. Magnetic sound system (Acusto Magnetic) is applied to this physical principle to achieve nearly zero false positives in the operation, fixed in the commodity on the label into the system sound, and magnetic detection system of the region, it will resonate, but only the receiver to receive to four consecutive resonance signal (per 1 / 50 seconds time), the only alarm.
Sound, and magnetic characteristics of the system is intrusion detection rate, almost zero false positives, interference, protect the outlet width up to 3.5 meters, with hard and soft security tags on the shopping centers of most types of goods can be protected , but also repeated degaussing, even in the POS cash register next to the system can still work properly.
Sound system includes vertical magnetic systems, access systems and covert systems of different types, with more than 10 more than the models for selection can be widely used in department stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, video stores, grocery stores, drug stores, can also be used in office building environment.
Radio System
Radio System (Radio Frequency, RF) transmitting and receiving by radio wave signals as the detection frequency range is 7. x ~ 8. x MHz. Radio System was a system very low cost, easy installation. However, because of its anti-theft tag for the circular coil, so the system vulnerable to the interference of some items, such as cash registers and other electronic products, metal and so on, causing the system false positive or not reported.
Radio systems software and hardware are two labels, can protect the mall most of the items. The distance between the two bearings generally can not exceed 09 meters, usually in the mall only to imports and exports. Radio system has two vertical and channel type for the protection of department stores, clothing stores and supermarkets.
Electromagnetic Systems
Electromagnetic system (Electromagnetic System) using electromagnetic waves as a test signal.
Electromagnetic system labels the least expensive price tag, can repeat the degaussing, but susceptible to magnetic or metallic material of which produce false positives. Protection of exit width is generally 09 meters. The system will not magnetic materials (such as audio and video tapes, magnetic cards) occurred.
A new generation of channel-type electromagnetic system is software-controlled electronic anti-theft system, using digital processing technology and degaussing systems, cash register monitoring, CCTV monitoring system fused. Use quick degaussing board, to repeat the degaussing system costs. Electromagnetic system has two vertical and channel type. Multi-application environment in the library, bookstores, music stores, hotels, supermarkets.

Microwave System
Microwave system (Microwave System) as detected by microwave signals less susceptible to interference from the environment, it can flexibly concealed installation (such as hidden in the carpet placed under or hanging ceiling), with suitable decorative and aesthetic advantages of the shop. However, Sheng Ying range, in a certain arrangement of goods within the region can not, this tiny place like gold merchants who would limit the use of space, so for large department stores and store large music stores, boutiques used.

Frequency system
Frequency systems (SplitFrequency) is using high frequency technology and ultra-low frequency radio wave signal of alarm systems. When anti-theft tags into the test area, the tag receives a signal launcher pass over, and put it into half, then put half of the information has been sent into the receiver, only half received signal at the receiver only when alarm, which can effectively avoid the interference of other radio waves.

Intelligent Systems
Unique application of intelligent systems technology, is an internal control by the integrated circuit, battery, set the hard tag and alarm system as a whole group. When the label is pry out or shopping centers along with the goods, the system will automatically send alarm.
The system can make the whole shopping centers all within the scope of protected goods, accurate reports, labels can be reused, do not damage merchandise. For the protection of valuables, such as fashion, leather, fur clothing, etc.

Principle of system damage
Undermine the principle of anti-theft system is a hard tag or magnetic lock. Hard tag that has the ink, when the thieves tried to remove this hard tag, hard tag will be ejected ink, contaminated goods and the thief's body. Magnetic lock extremely difficult to remove, forcibly removed and damage of goods, it easy to use, has a good deterrent effect, and low cost, used in clothing, eyewear, jewelry, neckties, silk and other goods. Tag can be reused.