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Warranty service is only available in the normal use of the valid warranty period, the quality of the product itself as non-human damage caused by the fault, in accordance with the provisions of the State will enjoy the following three packs of three bags of service.
1. From the date of purchase within 7 days from the failure of the seller responsible for package return, replacement or repair.
2. From the date of purchase from 7 to 15 days of failure, the seller is responsible for replacement or repair free of charge.
3. From the date of purchase on the 15th after a fault occurs, the effective warranty period will enjoy free warranty service.
4. EAS antenna anti-theft within one year of purchase date will enjoy a free onsite warranty service.
Non Warranty

Three bags of the following conditions are not within the range of services
1. As the anti-theft antenna shelf wear and tear caused by man-made damage.
2. As the device beyond the warranty regulations due to periodic inspection, maintenance, repair or replace parts.
3. Non-commitment to guarantee the mender dismantled damage.
Four. Due to human causes of mechanical breakdowns.
5. As the fall, extrusion, because of flooding and other damage caused by individual errors.
6. Because of fire, flood, lightning and other natural disasters damage.
7. All fake machine.