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EAS anti-theft system of any use?

1. To prevent theft. EAS system to change the past, "Man to Man," "people look for" the way to high-tech means to give it a kind of self-defense capability of goods, so that security measures implemented in every piece of goods, stolen goods effectively and completely solve the problem for businesses recover losses. Survey, installation of EAS systems business theft rate than businesses did not install EAS system 60% -70% lower.

2. Simplify management. EAS system can effectively curb the "pirated" phenomenon, ease the contradiction between employees and management staff excluded psychological obstacles to the staff threw himself into work, thereby enhancing efficiency. Using the EAS system also based on the selected from the original staff, optimizing staff, thereby increasing the grade of shopping centers.

3. To improve the shopping atmosphere. The past, "Man to Man," the way in which many consumers offensive, merchants may therefore Kadoba cold. EAS system to give consumers easy to create a good shopping environment, allowed to freely purchase goods freely, greatly improved the relationship between businesses and consumers, for businesses to win more customers. Ultimately increase sales, increase profits.

4. Deterrent. EAS system with strong but polite way to stop customers, "pilfering" behavior, to avoid disputes caused by human factors, in respect of human rights while safeguarding the business interests. To the thieves who, EAS system to its enormous psychological deterrent, so that "ages" who give up the idea to steal.

5. Beautify the environment. EAS system itself is a high-tech products, it looks beautiful, sophisticated production process can be integrated with modern luxurious decor, to achieve "icing on the cake" effect, protect the goods and also beautify the shopping environment is a high-end shopping centers, medium-sized supermarkets that the economy is a sign of strength and tech equipment, is the development trend of modern shopping malls.

Knowledge of what is a commodity anti-theft system:

Commodity electronic anti-theft system, English: Electronic article surveillance, referred to EAS. It originated in the twentieth century the United States 60 years, U.S. retail because there was a serious theft, it was incubated. It is a high-tech electronic devices. It gives high-tech means a kind of self-defense products, can protect the goods, to prevent theft of goods. Abroad, 90% of the retail trade system to reduce the use of EAS theft rate. In the country, EAS systems have gradually been accepted large businesses and adoption. So far, the majority of businesses that widely used EAS system is to reduce theft, the less the loss, the most reliable and most economical means of high-tech management.

AM sound radio frequency magnetic anti-theft system with RF security systems distinction:

AM sound, and magnetic systems

Fork oscillation frequency sound only in the same circumstances that lead to resonance. Magnetic sound system (Acusto Magnetic) is applied to this physical principle to achieve nearly zero false positives in the operation, the sound fixed on the goods labeling magnetic system into the system area, will have resonance, but only the receiver receives four consecutive resonance signal (per 1 / 50 second time), the only alarm.

Sound system includes vertical magnetic systems, access systems, and covert types of systems do not have more than 10 kinds of the above models are available, can be widely used in department stores, supermarkets, shops, video stores, grocery stores, drug stores, can also be used environment in office buildings.

RF Radio Frequency Systems

Radio System (Radio Frequency, RF) transmitting and receiving by radio wave signals as the detection frequency range 7.x ~ 8.x MHz. Radio System was a system very low cost, easy installation. However, because of its anti-theft tag for the circular coil, so the system vulnerable to the interference of some items, such as cash registers and other electronic products, metal, etc., causing false alarms or non-reporting system.
Radio systems with soft and hard two kinds of labels, can protect the mall most of the items. Distance before the two bearings generally can not more than 0.9 meters, usually only one import and export of shopping malls in. Radio system has two vertical and channel type, for the protection of department stores, clothing stores, supermarkets and so on.