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Successfully signed while G2000 chain monopoly

2012-12-4 15:34:00


Historical background

Vertical and horizontal two thousand by Mr. TianBeiChen group founded in 1980. Mr. TianBeiChen graduated from the famous American Harvard University, in the development in Hong Kong before, once served as one of the largest department store service for five years.

Group in the United States first brand "pentium" (Brittania) jeans and casual clothes of the far east area sole agency. Subsequently, the group business evolved into a comprehensive clothing company, specialized in selling to design products to Asian customers.

While G2000 brand founded in 1985 (name derived from the aspect of two thousand group former English name Generation 2000 Limited), and the market positioning for the professional clothing stores, sales to men and women fashion dress administration. Next year, the group set up another brand U2 (or in some countries called LAB), to provide quality and value-added service men and women trend


Since 2009 our company and Hong Kong while G2000 south China sign the distinction between south China area while G2000 shops anti-theft system (the following is part of the shop installed case)