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Net tens of millions of real estate speculators off Sanya staged "Phoenix Islands" Legend

2010-5-24 9:45:59

Main "health resort" of the apartment the average price up to 70,000 yuan / square meter, one of 4, Building 5, a total of 700 suites source opened in January 11 the same day, sold out.

  This "crazy property market" version of Sanya in Hainan, which is Hainan Island, the international tourism planning approval, the new round of investment in the property market boom in microcosm.

  Phoenix Island real estate speculators off

  And journalists, as an investment Liu Wenzhou has two consecutive days off the island's sales office in Phoenix door. Phoenix Island in Sanya of Hainan Island, an artificial hydraulic fill, and not completely get rid of the debt crisis similar to Palm Island in Dubai. Sales offices in the island not far from Phoenix, there are five streamlined architecture, you can faintly see "Burj Dubai" in our shadow, it seems, more than half of the construction of these buildings have.

  The day before yesterday, Mr. Liu has not how to speak, until the person he thinks is right there, he was free to go strike up 2: "What the house to the Phoenix Islands?"

  When the reporter went to counseling, he was alert to that hand only the availability of a 130 square meters, it is worth mentioning that, he recorded the reporter's cellphone number.

  Opening day, the Phoenix Island, a 700 suite that is sold out, "These customers, from Zhejiang alone, accounted for a third, not only that, there are many northerners, in Shanghai, there are many." Sanya Phoenix Island Development Co., Ltd. General Manager Lu Chen told reporters, as well as some overseas buyers, the Phoenix Islands as a whole and supporting fully completed until 2015, the total investment of 10 billion yuan, 2.0 billion will be completed next year dollars.

  After learning that has no availability, a northerner, and Mr. Liu to discuss a short 12 minutes, the two sides quickly closing. Unexpected happened, that name north of money to be credited into account the next day, Mr. Liu seems to have been displeased, then next has been quietly watching the one from Zhejiang greeted up promptly, "the same price, once hit 150 million deposit back. "

  The two sides reached an agreement quickly, and then left. Northerners seeing a house about to hand the blink of an eye into the hands of these were from Zhejiang.

  Yesterday, was the scene to complete the formalities of an investment in off the North told reporters that he was only one time payment to get the house, one time payment of a subscription priority, if it is handling the mortgage, then, not knowing what can rafts team. He bought a set of 100 square meters of the small apartment house, a one-time payment of the amount is 6.8 million yuan.

  Reporter yesterday saw in the same place Mr. Liu, is different is that the Liu Speaking with two other fellow Wenzhou accent to go through relevant procedures, "has sold two houses it?" Asked Liu President. "No, we now have and have no house." He said.

  Reporter then asked: "I am a relative to buy Hangzhou, did not know there is not a small family?" So he's any connection to the phone number again.

  "He was bought before the opening bell, when the price is lower than it is now a 20,000 square meter, so hurry now to transfer shot." An insider told the reporters, just two weeks, Sanya prices soaring Phoenix Island, just off of this investment a real estate, it has earned a thousand million.

  The driving force behind prices

  Is understood that the remaining availability of Phoenix Island will be released after Chinese New Year, many customers now book sales lady said it in the queue are paid deposit.

  The project includes seven parts, namely super-star hotel (the International Conference Centre), international health resort, commercial villas clubs, marine style commercial street, the International Yacht Club, the Olympic theme of Square and Phoenix Island International Cruise Port, set to form travel, vacation , residence, and health functions as an integrated body of the project.

"To have relatively few customers a lot, mainly that there is no availability on sold. Extremely busy couple of days ago, even the open staff car battery busy soft." Phoenix Island sales center, said a staff member.

  This spectacular seems it is easy to think of investment also from Zhejiang, Shanghai Island in Dubai when the economy has not yet out of the quagmire, is able to regain glory still remains unknown.

  "Zhejiang people is the scenery like a good place to buy, it will be to Dubai, to Sanya to invest." Haikou Wenzhou Chamber president Xuyuan Fang told the "First Financial Daily" reporters, when last at the end, there are several Wenzhou businessmen Haikou to buy a villa, a total investment of nearly one billion. In early January this year, many of Wenzhou people went to Haikou, capital invested hundreds of millions, bought an estate in Haikou City, more than 100 a house.

  The investment behavior behind the rapid rise in house prices in Hainan. The year 2009, Hainan term sales 5.6034 million square meters, up 50.5%; commercial housing sales, 35.1 billion yuan, up 73.2%. Among them, the international tourism on the island to the State Council approved the December, Hainan province area of 1.2469 million square meters commercial housing sales, chain up 158.80 percent.

  Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce of Hainan related sources, Wenzhou capital investment funds real estate development in Hainan is about 100 billion, just a five-star hotel in Sanya China, Howard Johnson had more than 1 billion investment in the project.

  In any case, real estate prices in Sanya Phoenix Island, a commanding height, the Chen Lu has not expressed much concern, "Sanya is China's only tropical coastal city, backed by sea, this price if with Shanghai, Hangzhou, Riverview Room compared, and not high, but the landscape here is far greater Riverview room. "