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Electronic anti-theft devices and the effective use of the correct choice

2010-5-24 9:44:25

As the supermarket industry and to enhance awareness of loss prevention, electronic security equipment (referred to as EAS) to use, very popular around the country. Installation of EAS in several benefits for all to see, one: the voice of anti-theft alarm trigger tag and has a very strong deterrent effect, warning of "pilfering" habit "and hand-stretch hand will be caught," to achieve the purpose of crime prevention, EAS industry recognized the deterrent effect can be achieved about 70% of the total effect. Second: The police can seize the thief, reduce losses, a lot of survey data show that the EAS equipment installed after the loss rate can reduce at least 50% and reduced employee, assist management to improve profits.
      The role of EAS is obvious, but also more and more popular businesses, businesses with the industry's gradual understanding of the EAS, in the purchase of such equipment, unlike previous years when a loss, but can be more objective and rational treatment of the. For example, in the past many businesses to install the EAS equipment that will not be lost after the phenomenon, while not realize that supermarkets should focus on security management, EAS equipment essential yet not over-rely on, no matter what brand you buy EAS equipment It has flaws, it is this kind of defect and the critical business and stimulate the EAS industry, competition and technology continues to evolve.
       90% of the world's EAS equipment vendors are using radio frequency principles, such as Prudential, the French DTC brands. Clearly the product principle radio has good versatility and interchangeability supplies, worldwide sales increased 40% per year, some people said: "The technology is out of radio technology", which is very wrong, and radio the development of space technology is the most technical, it has moved from analog to digital signal development, using real-time data acquisition software with high reliability and precision, but the principle of EAS radio equipment, there are some undesirable areas, such as , it produces metal products, shielding effect, when the hand clutching his soft label could not be detected by the police, based on this vulnerability, Germany produced a black label, when the hand over his will when this label by detecting the alarm, although this is a technological advancement, but because of its market demand is too small, now the factory has been discontinued, because many businesses use found that the use of the label is affixed to the goods, rather than affixed to the hands, the real thieves are "stealing merchandise" and not "steal label" technological progress seems to have with the market rules. Magnetic sound technology is developed on the basis of electromagnetic technology, which although an improvement compared with electromagnetic technology, but there are no ideal place, such as it has a certain thickness of the soft label for fear of extrusion, goods should not be posted on the arc, can not mix and so the price sign.
      With the popularity of EAS equipment, more and more businesses recognized the advantages and disadvantages of EAS equipment, more and more With a sense of balance in dealing with it, admit its not perfect and not give it more responsibility, consumers become more sophisticated, see the EAS alarm equipment or experience can meet again to go again, as understanding of security procedures before the board the same aircraft. Of course, the performance of each brand EAS equipment prices, or a large difference, in the choice of businesses should also note the following:
      1. First of all, choose to use radio frequency to determine the principle or other principles of the EAS equipment. Since the opening of the supermarket may be linked. There are several or even hundreds of scale, as far as possible the same principle EAS equipment, easy to focus on labeling, distribution management, and to a certain level may require the supplier to achieve product label product integration (source tagging, which prior to the theft of goods factory tag, make the sandwich or on packaging of goods.) product label many of the benefits of integration, such as the location of the thief hard to find labels, businesses do not paste labels in the yard, EAS should be the development direction of current in the outside world There are many label merchandise. Such as France, a well-known shoe chain, with the scale of hundreds of stores, in all the shops have adopted the French DTC Electronic anti-theft devices, it sold shoes from a shoe factory when the factory anti-theft tag has been made in the sole dissection, As the EAS equipment commonly used in Europe, so that the shoes if you install a U.S. security point, the Swiss scanmatic security principles such as radio equipment businesses will generate alarms, which fully reflects the principles of the common radio frequency, interchangeability and the promotion of the label The process of goods. Radio soft label tags from several production plants abroad, bought, if the business can only buy from a vendor supplies, this will bring some business problems for future use, not easy to get the best price.
      2. The stability of the equipment and advanced technologies.
Digital signal processing technology (Digital signal processor), referred to as DSP, is the number of EAS equipment manufacturers have recently touted the technology as early as five years ago, the Swiss Scanmatic had sales of EAS equipment for this technology, but until today, it's DSP devices the problem is still emerging, although the reason for DSP is the future direction of development of EAS, its real-time software on a variety of signal acquisition and processing, to avoid the many environmental and human factors on the EAS equipment interference, but if you have to write their own software problem, then it generates the problem is unsolvable "Difficult and Severe", so do not blindly believe that DSP technology, the current domestic market brands have their own DSP devices, but all of the DSP devices are there more or less problem, I believe over time, its technology will become perfect, as well as to achieve accurate reporting and no omissions, For now, regardless of what kind of EAS equipment, it should be stable, reliable, high detection rate and low false alarm rate, comparatively speaking, be able to survive in the domestic market for more than 3 years should be trusted brand, but customers should consider when purchasing agent skills, the quality of the equipment itself often is good, but due to technical personnel result of the poor level of false positives or self-Ming.
      3. To select a reasonable price, the price is too low, should be the brand is not very reassuring, because the EAS product is not the same as the TV is a high volume production, even the domestic brands, its products and installation costs, maintenance costs are not may be too low, low price for the EAS brand selection, risk has two points: 1) may not guarantee the quality, 2) over the competition, although at a low price to get the order, but the contract is difficult to very low profit ensure excellent after-sales service. Although the price is too low is not good, but the price may not be representative of your best quality, most technologically advanced. Most likely increase rates too high in some brands or channels indirectly, France DTC brand in domestic sales since 1997, has been to maintain moderate prices, in recent years as part of the domestic production of parts to reduce the original price better services for domestic customers. In some cases, businesses have a misunderstanding, that the import of goods is simply a good product, in fact, Motorola is the brand forward, not China, but 99.9% of its products are produced in China, and in all corners of the world, already is not difficult to buy products from China, Motorola, with its integration into the global economy, DTC also are putting more R & D and production to China. Aimed at enhancing the global competitiveness DTC brand, but also better for the domestic customer service.
       Select the appropriate EAS equipment, its correct and effective use is crucial, such as soft labels EAS radio principle to sign in combination with price, and better hidden. Some businesses that invested heavily in anti-theft tag of another, purchase equipment, a long time to no longer buy soft label, so difficult to give full play to the role of anti-theft devices, generally speaking, has just opened the labels pasted rate is higher, up to 25%, with the statistics for some time to master the law of the loss of goods, the focus can be pasted, paste the ratio is generally 5-10%, the current month, some domestic supermarkets put on the soft label typically 200 yuan to 1,000 yuan, the alarm button because you can re-use, business purchases more, but should also keep contact with suppliers, more varieties to choose, as some art anti-theft label buttons, more like a product brand mark in order to confuse the thief, so that EAS equipment to better serve the business service.